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The bellicon® plus is a unique high-quality mini trampoline.

While conventional mini trampolines use hard, squeaky metal springs, the bellicon® features a highly advanced suspension system. The elastic rings provide a totally different “bounce” feeling.

Our highly stretchable elastic rings or bungees ensure that the mat is allowed to press much deeper and that the process is virtually silent. Which is a big advantage compared to steel springs. This allows during the inwards movement that a large proportion of the braking energy is retained, which is then almost completely released again in the upward movement without any abrupt shocks. The jump amplitude is equally flexible and dynamic.

The mat is made of high quality polypropylene fabric (Permatron ™). This allows for a secure non-slip surface and a permanent elasticity.

The bellicon® Plus has a new, quick and easy attachment mechanism for accessories which include attaching a T-bar. The T-bar can be fixed a few seconds, be adjusted in height and be removed for storage of the mini-trampoline.

The bellicon® plus is available with screw or folding legs, with five different elastic strengths and a lot of color combinations.

The bellicon® Plus has high durability standards. It is a product made in Germany and designed in Switzerland with high warranties.



The bellicon Basic course serves as the basis for further education at the bellicon Academy.

The bellicon Basic education gives you the opportunity to discover the large panel of workout possibilities that the bellicon® mini-trampoline has to offer.

The basic course covers primary exercises on the bellicon® as well as the basics of anatomy, physiology and principles of coaching that is important to bellicon®.

In the practical part of the course the emphasis is placed on the correct implementation of the exercises as well how to... READ MORE


Bellicon Move is a holistic and general health boosting training class where there is undoubtedly room for enjoyment.

Moreover, priority is placed on the correct posture and a proper poise.

The bellicon Move regime is simultaneously appropriate for people that tend to suffer from physical deficits or lingering...READ MORE


Bellicon Bounce  is an innovative and modern group fitness exercise concept that possesses a predefined and rather rigid format.

This class is comprised of a combination of alternating segments promoting on one hand increased stamina and on the other building strength.

Casual elements of dance and a range of exercise combinations supplement... READ MORE


The bellicon Circle
exercise program is literally a HIIT, namely a high intensity interval training based on a partner format where mutual motivation and inducement play an integral part in driving the individual to exceed his or her limits.

This regime is a versatile total body workout geared to expand muscle mass and thus tailored to overwhelmingly athletic participants.

Power, endurance, coordination and timed sequences are amongst the integral elements characteristic of a bellicon Circle session... READ MORE