Aerobic Music

Dynamic training to music, the key to worldwide success


Aerobics is a unique mixture of gymnastics and dancing. This dynamic and athletic type of exercise came into existence some 30 years ago. Since then, this sport has developed worldwide into one of the most successful types of fitness training. The nice thing about aerobics training is the assistance from rhythmical music. The pleasant training atmosphere due to the musical assistance means that an hour's training passes very swiftly.

Exercise and music, the endorphins do the rest

Aerobic training stimulates the release of endorphins. These are substances naturally produced by the body that work as neurotransmitters or message carriers. These substances induce a pleasant and euphoric feeling and suppress pain. Sportsmen and women know this typical high sensation that is created during physical exertion. Aerobics, as a type of training to specific aerobic music, reinforces this pleasant sensation. This is the immediate reason why this fitness method has so much success: a healthy type of exercise with optimum body exertion in a pleasant musical atmosphere.

Choose the right aerobic music

Typical for a good fitness CD is the 32-beat pattern, consisting of 4 times 8 sections. The makers of such workout music during recent years have specialised in remixing familiar music into these typical 32-beat count patterns. You will find the best CDs at fitstore. The mega-cool revolutionary CYM support provides strong accents using cymbals on the last 8 beats of the 32. This means that aerobics teachers and their pupils no longer need to concentrate on the beat pattern of an exercise block of 32 beats. The cymbal accents simply do this for you.

fitstore provides you with the appropriate dance music for every type of fitness session: step music, fitness music, Latin music, Salsa music and very many more.

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