Workshop Fatburner / Abs Jan 22 BRUGES

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22/01 Powerzone BRUGES
9.00 to 16.00.

Workshop (1 day) Fatburner / Abs

Fatburner has today become a classic among the different Freestyle - group. It is a high - dynamic class with a lot of possibilities and your easy-to-follow '- lesson to be for your participants. Since in this complex society to become participants simple, high - fun 'group, much satisfaction, perception and not thinking ... By using these different factors is your room / your full sports club for these classes and is in no time one of your most accessible and yet most successful classes.

During this workshop we will give you all the tools and insights for designing and shaping a full Fatburner workout and we focus on the following aspects:

· Working with music

· Communicate nonverbally and verbally (cuene)

· Choreographic and non - choreographic elements in a Fatburner / Abs - work - out

· Muscle toning

· cardio

· coaching

· Working with (and indentation on needs) a group

· Relational act

· performance

· Climax rolls

The result is a valuable lesson in which you as an instructor with diverse audiences can handle and continue to offer weather-changing lessons you can prepare in a short time.

We also provide you with insights and knowledge in the field of functional - versus traditional abdominal training methods. We teach you how to work focused and logically with your participants. In a way the body works, with a link to realistic situations. A driedimentionele trainig method for your abs, where you will work greatly in depth, in the core of your abs. Here you go will greatly improve the shape and capacity of the abdominal muscles, and this training can be used to prevent back pain or functional rehabilitation training.

With this background, you have a wide range of exercises and different work - out - concepts that can be used as a piece of learning in your existing class or a new fat-burn or Abs - lesson that you want to introduce.

You strengthen and / or develop your own abilities and skills that will expand your capabilities and market value. You broaden your sport technical knowledge and give you or not existing group class (es) a new and more current content. Furthermore, there remains still enough space to incorporate your own style, knowledge and experience in your class.

This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced instructor.

Also, instructors or PT that concept - teach classes and / or small - group - trainigen / bootcamp or outdoor - training these baggage will carry long life and can always reapply.
The next Fatburner / Abs - workshop will take place on Sunday, January 22 at The Power Zone Sports Club - Archer Avenue 37-8310 St-Kruis (Brugge).

Total cost of the workshop is €  €114.88 

learning CD (included in tuition): TURBO KICK POWER 9 (value: € 18.99)





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A small piece of a very intense day !!!

Posted by PZ Academy on Sunday, October 18th, 2015


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