Body toning

Body toning, a muscle-strengthening fitness programme

Body toning is a part of fitness programmes. Fitness training consists of weight training for a bigger muscle mass and cardiovascular training for better condition. The general aims are better health, good condition and fitness, stronger muscle mass, anti-aging, and possible weight loss. Body toning consists mainly of training muscles or muscle groups to create better muscle tone.

Choose dynamic BBB training or a gentler Pilates body toning

Body toning can be achieved using various fitness programmes. The best known forms are BBB and Pilates.

  1. BBB stands for the training of Buttocks, Belly and Breast muscles. These are the areas in which most people develop rolls of fat. By training certain muscle groups, a better tone or tension is created, so that the body will look better. The rolls of fat are gradually burned off and make way for more muscular tissue. BBB is a fairly intensive body toning training to Workout Music.
  2. Pilates is a gentler form of body toning and originated in training for ballet and other dancers. This combination of yoga and muscle-strengthening exercise takes place from the powerhouse, the area between the bottom ribs and the hips. This form of body toning provides a healthy posture and prevents lower lumbar pain.

Use aids from fitstore for better training

You will find various aids at fitstore for Body Toning lessons, such as body tubes, rubber bands for isometric power training and the more sophisticated body rings or cuff tubes with handgrips and body toners. For your Pilates workout, we provide Pilates Rollers, Pilates Rings and mats.

In addition, we have a wide selection of fitness CDs with Aerobic Music and Step Music, Dance Music such as Latin Music and Salsa Music, and Fitness DVDs with demonstrations from leading teachers and choreographers.

In short, you will find all the tools you need at fitstore to do everything properly for fitness, aerobics, dancing, and body toning.

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