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Jeroen Vancoillie

jeroenvancoillieKEEP CONTROL

Jeroen Vancoilliehas been a longstanding avid sportoefenaar. It's his lifestyle and passie.Hij began his sporting career in several large fitness centers as club manager and groepslescoördinator and retrained at the Nike Academy, fitness training specialist AALO and BLOSO trainer school.

Because of this it was not long before he started to teach courses: fitnessi ... nstructor, body shape, personal training, fitball and indoor cycling,he worked together AALO Nike academy, PZ Academy Gymnic and Sissel.

In 2007 he was giving the International Award Presenter Indoor Cycling and he got this chance to teach in London and Amsterdam.
KU Leuven and Antwerp college regularly appeal to him.

His idiosyncratic way of teaching already inspired many teachers and clients.

Seven years ago Jeroen Pilates Studio GRACE started on. Thanks to its extensive fitness and Pilates past he has the ideal luggage to accompany its customers tailor. Thanks to daily commitment, motivation and passion he currently has a flourishing business.

Jeroen liaison with Caroline Mervielde the following cycling training of PMI academy from 05/21/2016 Bruges