Salsa Music

No Latin Music without Salsa ambiance ...

The most popular dance currently is undoubtedly the Salsa. Dancing schools don't have enough room, because everybody wants to learn this sultry, rhythmic Afro-Cuban dance. Somewhere in every large town you will find a Salsa café, from where the Salsa Music seductively echoes through the streets. Drop in and allow yourself to be swept away on the rhythms of Salsa Music. You will always find a partner there, who will dance the Salsa, the Bachata, the Son, the Merengue, the Mambo, the Cha-cha-cha, the Rumba or the Rueda de Casino with you.

A mix of music genres and a combination of sultry, rhythmical movements

Salsa actually means 'sauce' and translates into the dance world as a mixture of various musical genres. Anyone who has ever visited a Salsa bar knows that this dance knows no boundaries of race, colour, or age.
If you take a year's lessons in this Latin Dance, you can go a long way towards simple basic steps, such as the forwards, backwards, and sideways basic step, the turn, the laterals, the cross-body lead, the hammerlock, the rope spin, the cuddle, the roll-off, the disco turns, the arm catches, and the sombrero.

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Incidentally, did you know that the new Zumba rage is nothing less than a magnificent mixture of Aerobics and Salsa? Let's all get it together and let's workout!

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