Workout Music

An aerobic workout tailored to your personal optimum exertion level

Aerobics is an endurance sport that takes place in the forms of aerobic workouts. This means that the oxygen intake and oxygen consumption are balanced. This type of cardiovascular training enables everyone to train at his or her own level. The individual limit is calculated using a pulse rate of 220 minus the age. Take 70% to 85% of this calculated value, and you have your personal optimum exertion level. An ideal workout for someone aged 40 provides a pulse rate of 125 to 150.

Choose Workout Music with the right tempo for your target group

Besides a 32-beat count, the tempo of the Workout Music is also important in your choice of music. Depending on the training level and the age of the participants, you can choose from a slow, an average and a faster tempo. The higher the tempo of the aerobic music, the faster you achieve the optimum exertion level.

Fitstore offers a wide range of Workout Music

Aerobics has now expanded into a varied range of diverse dancing types of aerobic fitness training, such as step aerobics, BBB, body toning, Tae Bo, and various forms of dancing training, such as Salsa and Latin. The current Salsa rage has given rise to an aerobe combination, which we now call Zumba. Fitstore can supply suitable music for every type of workout: step music, fitness music, dance music, salsa music and very many more.

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